Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rare Matchbox Cars

What could be classified as "Rare Matchbox Cars"?

When talking about this I immediately think of the Moko Lesney line of Matchbox cars. The original line of 1-75 models. These antique Matchbox cars date back to the 1950s. When the idea for the Matchbox toys began.

Vintage Matchbox cars are something to behold. These authentic Matchbox toys from days gone by are very interesting. They have become very hard to come by and are now worth a good bit to collectors. Finding Matchbox car toys from this era that are in good condition is always a good feeling.

Old Matchbox cars in general are all very collectible. Once these items have aged a bit they start to become valuable. Keeping them in sealed containers or custom display cases, such as acrylic cases will help retain their value. The rare Matchbox cars should be kept in these display cases at all times to maintain their value.

When collecting these rare Matchbox toys always remember to check their value before making any purchases. You don't want to end up paying more than you should from one collector when you can get the same item from another willing trader for a better price.

Toy Matchbox cars are fun to collect and finding the rare models is always a treat. Like some of the rare Matchbox cars accessories such as the Moko Lesney or just Lesney Matchbox containers which are neat.

The models of Yesteryear line was made up for collectors. Beginning in the late 1970s Matchbox began thinking up toys specifically for collectors. This led to lines such as Yesteryear and eventually Matchbox Collectibles. Branding of the vehicles also was beginning in this time period such as Coca-Cola or Suze.

These diecast Matchbox toys began to cater more and more to the collector more than as just toys. A personal belief of mine is that the Matchbox collectibles before this time are much more desirable just for the reason that they were made without the collector in mind. This simple thought makes them a little more "authentic" in my opinion.

Collecting rare Matchbox cars includes just knowing about how to spot the rare models. Knowing the rare models can be rewarding in itself when you go to conventions to observe other peoples collections you will be able to appreciate what is on display more if you know more about what to look out for. This can be reward enough for a Matchbox collectible enthusiast.

If you are interested in starting a collection of these rare Matchbox cars yourself I would suggest getting to know more about Matchbox cars in general.


  1. I have a No.10 Pipe truck that i found inside of a crawlspace in my basement. The home is about 70 years old so i have no idea who left it there. The pipe truck has original blue glass and all of its pipes, and even the green rubberband holding them to the bed is still there.

  2. I have a DAF 3300 space cab in red with Royal Air Force on cab sides, a low bed trailer with holding clips on topside for the Red Arrow BAe Hawk T MK 1 jet painted in RAF logo's. If i remember I collected vouchers from cereal boxes back in the 90's to order this. Had it many many years. Its a lil rough round the edges but all still intact. Is this a rare collectable or a maybe one?